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Chain Pulley Blocks

About Chain Pulley Blocks

Chain Pulley Blocks









 Chain Pulley Blocks : 


Chain Pulley Blocks : A chain pulley block is the name for the portion of a block and tackle that the chain loops around. By itself, it really doesn’t do anything, but when combined with the entire system, it is part of a complex and useful device. By definition, a chain pulley block has more than one chain that loops through it and all the loops are connected to a single axle. Beyond that, the block can have a wide variety of shapes, sizes and configurations. When the chain pulley block doesn’t have any lines running through it, then it’s just a block, but when it’s strung onto a line, the whole system is called a tackle.

The essential construction of a chain pulley block is very simple. A single axle will have multiple rollers connected to it. It doesn’t matter how many rollers, as long as it is more than one. Other than that, the block can be made of any material, be of any size, and work with many or few other block. The appearance of the block and the rest of the system is unimportant.


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