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Chemical Injection Pumps

About Chemical Injection Pumps

Chemical Injection Pumps









 Chemical Injection Pumps : 


Chemical Injection Pumps Features & Benefits :


A robust selection of positive displacement chemical injection pumps for the oil and gas industry, including three advanced technology solar pump models

Integrated communications capabilities that allow customers to remotely record and transmit pump, chemical usage, and well/pipeline data through a SCADA system

A large selection of O-ring and packing materials, enabling customers to use Texsteam pumps with a variety of chemicals

Continuous injection on electric and solar pumps – a feature that is key in injecting toxic hydrogen sulfide (H2S) scavenger to remove or reduce the toxic and corrosive H2S found in natural gas

A global sales force of direct and service dealers that offers end users convenient access to the same pump, regardless of where their fields are located

Applications: Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Chemical, Petrochemical, Water treatment, Fume treatment, Mining, Shipbuilding, Power generation.


Our Export: Iran, Iraq, Italy, UAE, Bahrain, Indonesia, Australia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Germany, UK, Denmark, Canada, USA, Peru, Brazil, Nizeria, Mexico, Venezuela (Latin America), South America.



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