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CO2 snuffing system skid

About CO2 snuffing system skid

CO2 snuffing system skid








 CO2 snuffing system skid : 


CO2 snuffing system skid : The engineering expertise covering all aspects of flare design, supply and project management, SHESB engineers are able to offer our clients a full range of flare services including snuffing system commissioning, trouble shooting and refurbishment. Over recent years, SHESB have replaced, modified, refurbished, serviced and consulted on hundreds of problem flares supplied by other equipment vendors as well as providing new flare systems for new platforms and facilities.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is widely used in the fire industry as an extinguishing agent for total flooding and local application fire suppression systems. It is extremely effective and suppresses the fire by oxygen depletion, thus creating a surrounding atmosphere where combustion processes cannot be sustained. Physically the CO2 is an electrically non conductive, odourless and colourless gas. It is heavier than air and does not leave residuals upon discharge.


Applications: Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Chemical, Petrochemical, Water treatment, Fume treatment, Mining, Shipbuilding, Power generation.


Our Export: Iran, Iraq, Italy, UAE, Bahrain, Indonesia, Australia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Germany, UK, Denmark, Canada, USA, Peru, Brazil, Nizeria, Mexico, Venezuela (Latin America), South America.



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