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Dewaxing Equipments

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Dewaxing Equipments












 Dewaxing equipments : 

Dewaxing Equipments :  The oil dewaxing equipment is used in oil refining process for oil with high wax content as well as some salad oil. Dewaxing is conductive to improvement of oil's transparency, digestibility, special flavor, palatability as well as utilization rate. The oil needing dewaxing includes corngerm oil with the wax content being 0.01% to 0.04%, sunflower oil with the wax content from 0.06% to 0.2% and ricebran oil with the wax content between 1% to 5%.

The main unit involved in the dewaxing equipment includes crystallizing tank and filtering machine. Deodorized oil is stirred in the crystallizing tank at a low speed and fully cooled to 25°C at normal pressure. The cooling crystallization lasts for 48 hours. Additionally, the filtering machine is used for waxiness which is crystallized.

We provide a variety of products, including oil filling machine, high square sieve and flat sieving machine, ring die pellet mill, filter press and leaf filter.


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