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Life Raft : A life raft is a piece of safety equipment which is used to provide emergency transportation to get people away from a sinking or endangered vessel. Life rafts are at least partially collapsible, in contrast with life boats, which are solid. Typically, life rafts are stored in their collapsed state, and they need to be regularly inspected to confirm that they are in good working order. When people get on board a ship, they should make a habit of determining where the life rafts are, and finding out if they have been assigned to a specific life raft or boat in the event of an emergency.

Some life rafts are inflatable. They are made from durable materials and may have attached inflation canisters which activate when a tab is pulled. This design is intended to ensure that the raft inflates quickly in an emergency, and that the inflation is easy to perform if no staff from the ship are available. Other life rafts may have collapsible designs such as sides which fold down when the raft is not in use.


Applications: Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Chemical, Petrochemical, Water treatment, Fume treatment, Mining, Shipbuilding, Power generation.


Our Export: Iran, Iraq, Italy, UAE, Bahrain, Indonesia, Australia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Germany, UK, Denmark, Canada, USA, Peru, Brazil, Nizeria, Mexico, Venezuela (Latin America), South America.



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