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Stud Bolts

About Stud Bolts

Stud Bolts

Stud Bolts – The stud bolt is a threaded rod with two heavy hexagon nuts. In the Oil and Gas Industry the fully threaded stud is the most common bolt used for flanged connections. The quantity of bolts for a flanged connection will be determined by the flange type and pressure class. Other type of stud bolts include double ends (threaded both ends only), tap ends (for threaded holes) and step downs (ends have different diameters). Stud bolts are available in all thread pitches (UNC/UNRC – UNF/UNRF – 8UN) diameters and metric sizes.




We Manufacture, Stock & Supply Bolts, Nuts, Washers, ASTM Studs. Foundation Bolts, Threaded Rods, Clamps and other allied items confirming to rigid international standards such as DIN, ASTM BS, ANSI, IS and ISO etc.



  • Petrochemical Stud Bolts and Nuts
  • Special Grade Fastener Material
  • Structural Hexagon Bolts and Nuts
  • Anchor Bolts (Foundation Bolts)
  • Threaded Rods and Tie Roads
  • U-Bolts and Hook Bolts


  • 1018 Low Carbon Steel
  • 1045 Medium Carbon Steel
  • 1117 Low Carbon Steel
  • 1137 Low Carbon Steel
  • 1141 Heat Treated Medium Carbon Steel
  • 1141 Medium Carbon Steel
  • 1213 Low Carbon Steel
  • 1215 Low Carbon Steel
  • 12L15 Low Carbon Steel
  • 303 Stainless Steel
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 410 Stainless Steel
  • 4140 Heat Treated High Carbon Steel
  • 4140 High Carbon Steel
  • 416 Stainless Steel
  • 655 Silicon Bronze
  • Alloy 20
  • Aluminum
  • ASTM A193 Grade B7 High Carbon Steel
  • ASTM A193 Grade B7M High Carbon Steel
  • ASTM A193 Grade B8 316 Stainless Steel
  • ASTM A193 Grade B8CL2 316 Stainless Steel
  • ASTM A193 Grade B8M 316 Stainless Steel
  • ASTM A193 Grade B8MCL2 316 Stainless Steel
  • ASTM A307 grade A Low Carbon Steel
  • ASTM A354 Grade BC High Carbon Steel
  • ASTM A354 Grade BD High Carbon Steel
  • Brass
  • Carpenter 20
  • ETD-150 High Carbon Steel
  • Fatigueproof Specialty Alloys
  • Grade 5 Medium Carbon Steel
  • Monel
  • Naval Brass
  • SAE J429 Grade 5 Medium Carbon Steel
  • SAE J429 Grade 8 High Carbon Steel
  • Silicon Bronze
  • Stressproof Specialty Alloys


  • Black Manganese Phosphate
  • Black Oxide
  • Black Zinc
  • Cadmium
  • Cadmium & Clear
  • Cadmium & Yellow
  • Cadmium QQP
  • Copper Coated
  • Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Passivated     
  • Phosphate Coated
  • Plain – No Finish
  • Teflon Coated
  • Thread Lock Patch
  • Zinc
  • Zinc Chromate (Clear, Blue, Yellow, Green)
  • Zinc Iron & Yellow
  • Zinc Phosphate
  • Zylan Coated

Applications: Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Chemical, Petrochemical, Water treatment, Fume treatment, Mining, Shipbuilding, Power generation.

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 Hastelloy ®,   B8 , B8C, Hastelloy C4
31803 Titanium,  Class 1 or Class 2, A4,  Hastelloy B2
 254SMO  Inconel ®  A4-80, A2, 316L, 304L, 904L, 310. Hastelloy G30
 660A,B,C & D Alloy 600 ,   Stainless Steels Astm A193 B8M, Hastelloy B3
 A4-70 601, 625 , Carbon Steel BS 970 1991 Hastelloy C276
 A4-80  718 , Carbon Steel BS 970 1955 EN Hastelloy X
 B8 Class 2  Incoloy ®  Carbon Steel AISI/SAE Hastelloy C22
 B8M Class 2 Alloy 800 HT,  Carbon Steel Werkstoff Incoloy Alloy 20
 Inc 625
825 , Monel ®  Duplex, Super Duplex UNS S31803 Incoloy Alloy 800 
 Inc 718 Alloy 400 ,  Duplex, Super Duplex UNS S32750 Incoloy Alloy 800H/800HT 
 A-400 K500 , Duplex, Super Duplex UNS S32760 Incoloy Alloy 825 
 K500  Duplex UNS S31803,  Duplex, Super Duplex UNS S32550 Incoloy Alloy 925
 C22 Super Duplex S32760 SA & FLT Duplex, Super Duplex 254SMO Incoloy Alloy A286
 C276  Zeron 100 ®, S32550,  304/304H   Titanium Grade 2
 Titanium 2, 5 S32750,  Nitronic 60  Titanium Grade 5
 C655 Aluminium Bronze , 317/317L  Titanium Grade 7
Delrin Acetal Nitronic 50 316/316L
G10 Epoxy Glass Nylon 66 Nylon 6 Nimonic 80A
Oilon HDPE Polypropelene 17/4PH
Polyurethane PTFE Tufnol UHMWPE

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