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Subsea Flanges

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Subsea Flanges










 Subsea Flanges : 


Subsea Flanges : Subsea flanges are normally easy to check for leaks. Once the sensor has detected a leak from the vicinity of a subsea flange then by moving in close the actual leak point can be determined by scanning around the flange seal until a maximum signal is recorded. This maximum will be at the point of the leak, e.g., a bolt or faulty seal.


Applications: Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Chemical, Petrochemical, Water treatment, Fume treatment, Mining, Shipbuilding, Power generation.


Our Export: Iran, Iraq, Italy, UAE, Bahrain, Indonesia, Australia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Germany, UK, Denmark, Canada, USA, Peru, Brazil, Nizeria, Mexico, Venezuela (Latin America), South America.



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